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The US International Education Study State Consortia Google Group discussion list is under new management. For details contact:

TO JOIN: use this link!forum/study-state-consortia/join  At this link you have the option to choose recieving all messages as posted or a digest mode (if you forget to choose this can be adjusted later) Note we do not believe that you need to have a gmail or google account to join, simply enter your email address in the link. (SEE known Issues below).  All join requests are moderated so once approved you will receive a message stating you request has been approved.

TO POST: send your message to this email address

When posting be aware that it is our understanding that you will NOT get a copy of your email, that said if you have subscribed with two accounts you should get a copy.  If you you have access to the Google Groups web interface you can also view all posted messages.

Known issues as of 6/14/2018 please let both of us know if you have any challenges with the list:

  1. those with Gmail accounts should have full access to the Google Groups list functions – please update your name in your member settings for the group it has not already been picked up by the Google Groups join process.
  2. If your organization does not allow you to access Google products you are still welcome to join using your organization email address.  You should be able to receive messages and post messages (see note 3), however you will be unable to access the Google Groups web interface.
  3. If you are from an institution or organization using Google as the domain manger for their email systems you also may be able to join. That said you may receive a message that you are not allowed by your domain management policy to view the public google groups interface or post messages to the google groups public lists.  We will do our best to let you know when we see this as part of the join process, you however should notice this in the join process as well. This is a local organization policy that we have no control over (contact your organization web IT manager to review options).

Reminder: This lists service is a volunteer activity not formally/officially affiliated with any other professional organization however as a core principle the management of this lists adheres to the codes of professional standards and ethics of NAFSA and of other professional organizations supporting this effort. The discussions on the list should be considered to be public in nature.  By posting messages to this list the authors of said postings acknowledge that they are solely and legally responsible for any views expressed or information that they post on this public network.

WEB INTERFACE: To view the Google Groups web interface (& to post messages from that web interface) you will have to have a google account and may access the interface from

Our primary objectives are to foster global engagement efforts of all our Study State and US Federal as well as State and local agencies involved in the Study State initiative.

To manage your subscribed account please contact the list managers noted above.

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