4 Year College Programs: Study Alabama Education Abroad Institutional Contacts

Students enrolled in Alabama universities and community colleges study around the world each year in many diverse locations and disciplines. This is a listing of 2015-16 countries and institutions.

For general opportunities the following STUDY/INTERN ABROAD SEARCH ENGINES are available for students to consider: Institute for International Education Passport, GoAbroad.com – study, teach, intern, StudyAbroad.com – study, scholarships, articles, Going Global – internships, jobs (US and worldwide), cultural advisories, etc., IIEPassport Study Abroad Funding – scholarships, grants, etc.

Students are encouraged to connect with Study Alabama member institutions study/education abroad offices to find out more about offering open to all students enrolled in member institutions.

Education Abroad Contacts

Study Alabama Member Institutions

Coastal Alabama Community College (Faulkner State Community College)

Jefferson State Community College

The University of Alabama

The University of South Alabama

Auburn University in Montgomery

Gadsden State Community College

Troy University

The University of Alabama in Huntsville

The University of West Alabama

Community College Programs

Study Alabama A Consortium for Global Engagement and Economic Development is pleased to provide this resource to the members of the State of Alabama Community College System as they plan and develop their resources and Education Abroad efforts.

Anyone may present information or resources for placement in one or more categories outlined on this page.  Feel free to recommend additional resource categories as well.  To share information, edits, updates, or any other input please feel free to use the CONTACT US link.

Definition: For the purposes of this site EA or Education Abroad (also known as study abroad) is defined in its broadest sense: traditional study abroad programs, internships/service learning abroad, research abroad, exchanges, and much more.

Study Alabama follows the Forum on Education Abroad guidelines and recommendations as outlined in the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad, 5th ed. (2015)

Resources link for Students, Faculty and Staff

  • EA Fair Calendar – universities and colleges across the State hold information fairs for students and faculty – check the calendar regularly as this is updated as often as possible.
  • EA Student Resources – On these pages you will find program options for students that either connect with community college curriculum offerings or provide additional elective opportunities for students to enrich their academic endeavors.
  • EA SCHOLARSHIPS – Here you will find scholarship opportunities for community college students and for the broader higher education student population.
  • EA ADMIN Resources – The resources listed on this page will range for policy examples to news items about education abroad in the community college system or of potential interest to the administrators, faculty and staff (and yes even student).

To share information, edits, updates, or any other input please feel free to use the CONTACT US link.

For specific resources check out our Education Abroad Resource page.
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