Funding Your Education Abroad

With careful planning early on the majority of students at Alabama universities and colleges can find a combination of ways to cover the costs of their planned experience abroad. To do this it is key to take into consideration all the costs and funds needed to make this experience possible.

One should begin this process on their first days and weeks on campus. The best approach is to contact your international office education abroad advisor. The advisor will begin helping you map out your program options, general and specific costs associated with each option.

Funding options range from personal funds to institutional scholarships/grants as well as a wide range of national high profile scholarship programs. Many programs also offer international scholarship opportunities for students interested in participating in their programs.

There are also many online sites that help you plan your experience by asking the right questions such as this one It offers information on questions to ask yourself about the education abroad funding you will need, provides descriptions of different financial aid options, shares advice on calculating your living expenses for study abroad, and includes an extensive list of grants and scholarships for general study abroad programs, for students of diverse backgrounds wishing to study abroad, and general scholarships for underrepresented students.

For specific resources check out our Education Abroad Resource page.
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