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GSM USA Roadshow 2018 at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

May 25, 2018

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FROM  GSM USA Roadshow event information:

Attending Agencies & Educators  – The target is up to 20 attending agencies predominantly from South and SE Asia and a corresponding number of educators in each state. All South Asian agencies will be AIRC certified and from SE Asia all agencies will be carefully selected by GSM according to the below procedure:

– A face-to-face meeting in most cases (in some circumstances a Skype call until a visit can be scheduled)
– The completion of a questionnaire including placement numbers and 2 references
– Follow up questions by email on the questionnaire
– Confirm directly the 2 references
– Receive and review the agency profile through the GSM portal

Attending educators will include 4 year and 2 year regionally accredited colleges and universities and pathway program providers.

Alabama Date & Venues:   Friday 25th May – Alabama    Fair Venue: University of Alabama

Registration deadlines: The standard rate is 2,000 USD which is discounted by 20% to 1,600 USD if registered (and paid) by February 28th 2018, discounted by 10% until March 31st 2018 and 5% until April 30th 2018. If paying by credit card a 5% transaction fee will be added. If paying by bank transfer 50 USD will be added to cover international transaction fees (invoicing will be made from a UK bank account).

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