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Education Abroad (also known as study abroad) in the context of institutions in the United States is defined as experiences outside of the US connected to a student’s academic program at a US institution of higher education. Such experiences can range in length from short term (a few weeks to a month or two) to long term (semester), summer/tall/spring/academic year; in discipline from business to engineering, any of the sciences to the fine arts, any discipline is possible; in experience from research to work/internships abroad; and with respect to destinations, virtually any location around the world is possible (universities, businesses, community centers, hospitals, nonprofits, govt agencies, etc.). Virtually all Alabama institutions of higher education provide avenues for students either enrolled at their institutions to students from other universities and colleges in the state to enroll in their education abroad programs. These programs may include faculty led programs (typically done during the summer, breaks between terms), exchange programs with partner universities abroad, direct enrollments abroad and or third party provider opportunities. Students seeking to develop their own initiatives for experiences abroad are also welcomed.

To join the over 3000 Alabama students studying abroad each year students should contact the university or college advisors at any of the Study Alabama member institutions listed on the following pages.

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